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Geometry Doodler - An SVG geometry drawing app
Particle Filter Demo
Useful Lisp Functions
Independent Component Analysis (ICA) Tutorial
Java: Using Inner Classes (a very short tutorial)
Using Antlr with Eclipse on Windows
Java Linear Algebra Library
Java FastSLAM
Java Qualitative Simulator
Java Utility Classes
I Am A Robot
"Old Friends" -- a short film
GViD Source Code Editor
Flocking experiment
Artificial Embryogeny Experiment
2D Eye Simulation
Sub-Populations in Genetic Algorithms
Regular Expression Parser and Recognizer
Propositional Logic Applet
Playing Card Memory Game
Random Technical Stuff
The Web from A to Z (according to Google)

Pictures of some of my ancestors (provided by David Oursland in Montana)
A collection of poems by my Great-Aunt Marcia Anderson