I am A Robot: An Exploration in Robotics

This is a sort of puzzle game. You are a robot. You have effectors (things the robots can do), sensors (things the robot can see), and goals (things the robots want to do). However, you have just been turned on and do not know what anything means or does. Figure out how to use the sensors and effectors to maximize the goal signals. The top goal indicator tells you how close you are to acheiving the goal. The further to the right the indicator is, the better you are doing. The bottom goal indicator tells you if you are getting hotter or colder.

This is the first version of the game and is very primitive. I plan to add different sensors, effectors, goals and environments. Your feedback will influence these expansions. Please let me know what you think. Did you hate the game? Did you love it? How can it be improved? Send your comments and suggestions to 'alan' at this domain.

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