Random Technical Stuff

Unity feedback describes a circuit where the unchanged output signal is used as feedback.

Unity amplification describes an amplifier where the output signal is the same as the input signal. Using a standard op-amp amplifier, setting R1 and R2 equal results in a unity gain of 1.0. This circuit can be used to isolate the output signal from the input for impedance matching. This is also referred to as a voltage follower.

Unity frequency describes the frequency at which the gain of a filter is one.

A filter is a frequency dependent amplifier. Different frequencies are amplified by different amounts.

w.r.t : with respect to

Sony Vaio Laptop PCG-F430 keyboard part #: 14180411

Quine in DrScheme R5RS version 203:
((lambda (x) (list x (list 'quote x))) '(lambda (x) (list x (list 'quote x))))

How to create a shared library:
g++ -shared Thingy.cpp -o libThingy.so
How to create a static library:
g++ -o Thingy.o -c Thingy.cpp
ar cr libThingy.a Thingy.o