Using Antlr with Eclipse on Windows

Alan Oursland

This short and simple tutorial is written for Windows but uses platform independent tools. Simple adjust path names to adapt the tutorial to your platform.

Setup Environment

Install Eclipse
Unpack Antlr (assumed at "C:\antlr-2.7.2\")
Start Eclipse

Create a new Java project in Eclipse named "antl-examples"

Select Java and Java Project.
Press Next.
Enter "antl-examples" as the project name
Press Next.
Make sure the src folder is "antlr-example/src"
Press Finish

Add the antlr.jar to the project classpath

Right click on the project name in the package explorer.
Select Properties
Select the Libraries tab.
Press the "Add External Jar" button.
Select "C:\antlr-2.7.2\antlr.jar" and press Open.
Press Ok to close the Properties dialog.

Set up Antlr as an External Tool

Run-External Tools-Configure
Press New
As the Name: "Antlr Compiler"
As the Tool Location: "C:\jdk1.4.0\bin\javaw.exe" (you may need to adjust the path)
As the Tool Arguments: "-classpath C:\antlr-2.7.2\antlr.jar antlr.Tool ${resource_name}"
These arguments: As the Working Directory: "${container_loc}"
You can set this by selecting "Selected resource's container location" under the "Browse Options" button.
Verify that "Block until tool terminates" and "Show execution log on console" are both checked.
Press OK.

Reference "Getting Started With ANTLR"

Create "t.g" under the src directory and copy from "Getting Started".
Select "t.g"
Run-External Tools-Antlr Compiler
Refresh "src" (select and press F5, or right-click and select Refresh)
Eclipse will find and compile the newly created files.
You need to refresh the directories each time antlr is run.
Create from "Getting Started"

Run the example

Select "Java Application"
Press New
As Name: Antlr Example
As Project: antlr-examples (should default to this)
As Main class: Main (should default to this)
Press Apply
Press Run

Select the Console View tab at the bottom of the screen

Click in the console view.
Enter your name and press enter.


You have just created your first Antlr program.