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No Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition v 1.3.1 support for APPLET!! alt="No Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition v 1.3.1 support for APPLET!!
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ViD Introduction

This is the LGPL release for an editor I wrote to edit source code. I got tired of leaving my favorite editor when I developed on non-Windows systems, so I took my favorite features from other editors and built this one. The jar file contains an application. To run it, use the command: I recommend using JDK1.3.1 for full functionality (including drag-and-drop support). The software is still in Beta mode. There is a lot of application boiler plate as well as optimizing that I need to add. There are still some features missing as well.


ViD is released under the Lesser Gnu Public License. More information can be found here.


Notes on applet interaction

It seems that applets do not allow access to the system clipboard. This means that cut, copy, paste, and drag-and-drop, features will not work in the applet.

Future Features

Comments and Bugs

Please send bugs to me at I have a unit test suite using JUnit, but I know that there are holes. Any bugs will be entered into the suite to ensure proper elimination. In addition, if you like or dislike anything about the application, let me know. I love to get helpful feedback.


If you would like to know when new version are available, let me know at