What Time Is It?

and other poems

Marcia Lee Anderson

This is a book of poems written by my great-aunt Marcia. She is the sister of my mother's father and is not an Oursland. I wanted to honor her by making her poety available here for all to enjoy.

These poems were published in a book in 1997. I've included all of the information in the hardcopy in case you would like a copy. The print is not included since I have not received permission to put it online yet.

-Alan Oursland


What Time Is it?
Fear Of Falling
God As Artist
Look To The Earth
Cemetery Hill
"Woman in the Lap of Death" A Woodcut by Kathe Kollwitz
Drunk in the Subway
To a Young Archaeologist
Dawn Wind
The Attic
Inside a College Room
The Tree
Lord of Language
Portrait (J.M.H)
Reflections on an Auto by a Mountain Lake
Fall Arrangement
Propemptikon: Night Letter to a Traveller Bound for Greece
How Durable Is Love!
Debate of the Body and the Soul
Re Joyce
A Problem in Aesthetics
Eve and the Isotope
Is Someone Looking At Me?
About the Poet

"Woman in the Lap of Death," a woodcut by Käthe Kollwitz, is reproduced with the permission of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City.

Some of the poems were first published in other journals: The American Scholar, Poetry Chap-Book, Saturday Review of Literature, Voices, Washington Post, Poetry.

Copyright 1997 by Marcia Lee Anderson. All rights reserved.

ISBN 1-892070-03-0

Published by Stafford Books, an imprint of
Desktop Publishers of Memphis, Inc
3435 Spottswood Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 38111
(901) 276-3375

Typography and Cover by Robin S. Davis
Printed in Memphis, Tennessee

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